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Fri, May 10


South Milford

The Grief Matrix: Unlocking the Gift of Grief

Remember the transformative power of grief with Nicole Tufts at "The Grief Matrix: Remembering the Gift of Grief" event. Join us on May 10th from 6pm to 9pm at the South Milford Community Centre near Annapolis Royal. Experience sound healing and special performances by Wuzzô. Reserve your spot now!

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The Grief Matrix: Unlocking the Gift of Grief
The Grief Matrix: Unlocking the Gift of Grief

Time & Location

May 10, 2024, 6:00 p.m. – 9:00 p.m.

South Milford, 5439 Nova Scotia Trunk 8, South Milford, NS B0S 1A0, Canada


About the event

Join me for an evening of "The Grief Matrix: Remembering the Gift of Grief,". We'll expose and unlock our heart space in this ceremony.

I will guide you through a sacred circle, where we will use the power of divine emotional grief as a catalyst for our spiritual evolution.

Nicole will open the circle by inviting reflection on personal memories of grief, and then move into sharing how understanding the element of water on a metaphysical level will guide you into using emotions like grief as a powerful tool fo your expansion / ascension.

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Location: Horton Community Centre

Nova Scotia Trunk 1, Grand Pré, NS B0P 1M0, Canada

🎵 Ceremony Elements:

Immersive music tuned to 432hz and vocal guidance, natural scents like fern spray and sage.

  • Opening Circle : We will reflect on personal memories of grief to initiate a deep emotional exploration and weave us into a mutual understanding
  • Ancient Wisdom of the Water Element: Learn techniques rooted in ancient wisdom associated with the water element, correlating with our emotional body, to cleanse and clear the heart chakra.
  • Spinal Movement (Ulū): Experience a unique spinal movement called Ulū, designed to align with grief patterns and release energetic blockages.
  • Sonic Nueral Breathwork : Participants will receive guidance on the breathwork technique, including the specific breathing pattern to follow and any additional instructions for the session. I will provide demonstrations and verbal cues to help the group maintain the rhythm of their breath throughout the session.
  • Sound Healing and Performance by Wuzzô: Immerse in soul-nourishing sound healing and enjoy performances by Wuzzô to enhance the journey using the medicine of sound.

   As we engage in the rhythmic breathing pattern, we  may begin to enter altered states of consciousness characterized by heightened sensory perception, emotional release, and expanded awareness. Experiences can vary widely from person to person and may include sensations of lightness or heaviness, visual imagery, shaking,crying,emotional catharsis, or profound insights.Throughout the session, I will provide a supportive and nurturing environment for the group to explore their inner landscape safely. This may involve offering verbal encouragement, providing reassurance during moments of intensity, and guiding participants through any challenging experiences that arise.

Integration and Reflection: After the breathwork portion of the session concludes, participants are given time to rest, reflect, and integrate their experiences. Group sharing circles, journaling exercises, or one-on-one discussions with the facilitator may be offered to help participants process their insights and experiences.

Closing the Ceremony: The ceremony typically concludes with a closing ritual to honor the journey and integrate the experiences into everyday life. This may involve guided visualization, gratitude practices, or other rituals designed to ground participants and support their ongoing integration process.

Similar to a plant medicine or psycadelic experience, this can leave the participant feeling raw, vulnerable, or out of their body afterward, which can lead to the participant being very susceptible to the energy around them. We will guide you in and out of the experience in a way that brings the hroup back into their body but i do recommend scheduling time after ceremony where you can adjust and have quiet time to rest and reflect.

🎒 What to Bring:

  • Comfortable clothing: Loose-fitting, comfortable clothing that allows for ease of movement and relaxation.
  • Water bottle: Staying hydrated is important during breathwork sessions, so bringing a water bottle is advisable.
  • Pillow
  • Yoga mat or cushion: Participants will be lying down for an extended period, so bringing a yoga mat or cushion for comfort is recommended.
  • Blanket or shawl: Some participants may feel cold during the session, so bringing a blanket or shawl to stay warm is helpful.
  • Journal and pen: Having a journal and pen on hand can be useful for recording insights, reflections, and any experiences that arise during the session.
  • Open mind and heart: Perhaps most importantly, participants should approach the session with an open mind and heart, ready to surrender to the process and embrace whatever experiences may unfold.

💸 Pay What You Can sliding scale $55 - $75

📌 RSVP Your Spot by going to Ticket Link

Limited spots are available, so reserve yours today!

This ceremony will be 3 hours and will involve some physical techniques so it may be good to have a scheduled rest period after the ceremony.

There are certain circumstances under which participation may not be advisable. Here are some reasons why someone should not participate in holotropic breathwork:

  1. History of Cardiovascular Conditions: Individuals with a history of heart problems, high blood pressure, or other cardiovascular conditions should exercise caution with holotropic breathwork. The intense breathing patterns involved can significantly increase heart rate and blood pressure, potentially exacerbating existing health issues.
  2. Pregnancy: Pregnant individuals should avoid holotropic breathwork, especially during the later stages of pregnancy. The intense breathing techniques can lead to hyperventilation, which may pose risks to both the parent and the fetus.
  3. History of Severe Mental Health Disorders: People with a history of severe mental health disorders such as schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, or psychosis should consult with a mental health professional before participating in holotropic breathwork. The intense emotional and psychological experiences that can arise during the practice may be overwhelming for individuals with certain mental health conditions.
  4. Recent Surgery: Individuals who have recently undergone surgery, particularly abdominal or thoracic surgery, should avoid holotropic breathwork until they have fully recovered. The deep breathing techniques involved may strain the surgical incision site and interfere with the healing process.
  5. Epilepsy or Seizure Disorders: People with epilepsy or other seizure disorders should approach holotropic breathwork with caution. The rapid breathing patterns and altered states of consciousness induced by the practice may potentially trigger seizures in susceptible individuals.
  6. Substance Use or Intoxication: Participation in holotropic breathwork while under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or mind-altering substances is strongly discouraged. Substance use can impair judgment, increase the risk of adverse reactions, and interfere with the ability to engage safely and fully in the practice.
  7. Unwillingness or Inability to Fully Participate: Holotropic breathwork can be an intense and immersive experience that requires a willingness to surrender to the process fully. Individuals who are unwilling or unable to engage in the practice with an open mind and a commitment to self-exploration may not derive the full benefits and may find the experience distressing or uncomfortable.

You will be immersed in ceremony for 3 hours and some of the techniques will involve some repetitive physical movement so it may be good to have a scheduled rest period after the ceremony.

Reserve your spot today for "The Grief Matrix" with me on my website

This ceremony will be 3 hours and will involve some physical techniques so it may be good to have a scheduled rest period after the ceremony.

Time: 6pm - 9pm

Location: Horton Community Centre

Nova Scotia Trunk 1, Grand Pré, NS B0P 1M0, Canada

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