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Navigating the Emotional Voltage of Grief: A Journey of Release and Transformation

Grief is a profound emotion that weaves through the tapestry of our shared human experience. As an emotion the voltage of grief is often seen and felt as an enemy or a punishment for the type of experiences that send shock waves through our lives.

Death, Divorce, Failures, Loss of all kinds can trigger this voltage inside of us to awaken.

In order to honour and witness the gift hiding in the shadow of grief we must first make it friendly. The only way to make something friendly is to truly understand it from its core. This is my current translation.

Firstly we will agknowledge the voltage of love os being omnipresent. Love is in everything inluding the heavy hitters like fear and grief. Because the vibration of love is too vast and complex for the density of the material form it was divided in to 103 human emotions to serve as teachers of remembering. The remembering and integratino of all human emotions is said to return one to the ascended or enlightened state. In essence if one can truly love onesself through all of it - feel it all - trasmute it all that it considered a true awakening. At the end of the bible the final words of christ were "It is accomlished", meaning - He accomplished the human experience in totality - he felt it all! So here we stand in the same mission to feel, understand and transmute all human emotions so that we may return the orginal human experiement of self reflective love!

  • note i often use biblican references as a student of astrotheology the bible is read as an allegory for the human awakening experiment. I am not a member of any church or organized religion :)

The emotion of Grief serves as a master key for our awakening. Grief can make us feel like a hero or a slave!

The Unseen Forces: Feminine Energy

Grief as an emotion is deeply intertwined with our inner feminine/magnetic energy. Feel into your body and try to remember the space in your physical body where Grief is most felt and held. Ancient teachings and my own felt experience says that grief is held in the lungs and rib cage.

When we are born into this world we experience the shock of separation from our mothers for the first time upon entry into the world of form and density. For the first few years of our lives we are most often held by our mothers next to her ribs, lungs and breasts. This is the place where we start to learn SAFETY and BELONGING. We are fed here, we orient ourselves slowly into the world of form from this place which we come back to whenever we need that reassurance and nourishment from our mothers.

Safety and Belonging are the primrary interests of our internal feminine energy! Our right to belong here in the now moment at all times as a part of the fabric of this reality, as a limb of the animating force of the earth herself.

"I AM SAFE - I BELONG" Are the most powerful mantras associated with our internal feminine energy. We could also call her our oracle, our leader and our guide. Some may call her the "Gut Brain".

She is located at the center of our belly button where our digestive system and she is connected to the 5 Lumbars at the base of our spine. As an energetic center she rules our subconsious, our inner child, our intuition and our SAFETY/ ability to trust oruselves.

Because she exalts her care at the space of the lungs and rib cage for her children and as we become adults this is the space where our inner feminine send voltage when we are not feeling safe, creative, intuitive and like we belong. This energetic blockage left long enough or if it arrives in a sudden and shocking way becomes the voltage of GRIEF.

Have you expereienced long periods of depression, lack of innovation, lack of ability to play, felt like you dont belong here on earth?

This is why grief may be visiting you.. it has a message

Freedrom from Posession

All 103 human emotions are 3 fold in nature just like any electrical circuit.

They all have a magnetic or feminine principal

an electrical or masucline principal

and a utlility or purpose

The purpose of GRIEF is in the interest of freedom from POSESSION and MEANING

It is said that the original root race of humanity before the fall of man lived in the garden of eden so to speak. The principals of living in harmony with nature, face to face with others and with ourselves was the human experiement of self reflective love.

According to the ancients the true fall of man occured when humanity became disinterested and bored with self reflective love and then developed meaning and purpose which led to POSESSION.

In fact the whole body of work of the Buddhist teachings is to this day meant to lead one on the path of freedom from posession altogether.

The power of grief is its ability to set us free from the trap of posessional altogether!

When we experience people, environments and situations that cause as to succumb to the weight of the experience of grief we must remember...

  • Other things and people will surpass and outgrow me

  • I will outgrow other things and other people


What is my capacity to receive new?

What is my capacity to become new?

What is my capacity to be removed from that is considered "safe and familiar"


When Familiarity becomes Posession it then becomes a betrayal of my true nature.

Disentnglement from Posession becomes the primrary way to complete the voltage of this emotion!


Can i turn this pain into the wisdom of who I really am?

True Safety is internal - It is in every moment I trust and listen -

It is knowing i belong - always!

Its a release of the expectation of the future moment!

Its to be unburdened and become disentangled

It is the complete antidote to possession

We possess nothing in an animate world

It only leads us to loss and anguish and self destruction

Violence and war are an outcome of long held grief ---- a burden so deep true safety is comepletely forgetten and therefore we must fight others in order to regain power and belonging. The highest form of posession!

The path to the victory is messy and can be scary becasue Possession and MEANING

can be a nightmare!

To feel so deeply and within an instant have to let go!

However something magical happens when the internal victim collapses - the HERO becomes PRESENT and available! The hero being your internal masculine - also known as the artist or architect of our inner world. The hero is he who takes action and is brave in the face of adversity, loss and possession. He is only available once attachment to the victim state is dissolved completely!

In this wisdom it is possible to affirm

"Loss is not relatable to me anymore - it is not as interesting as presence and the power of ALLOWANCE"

I champion the completions!

Inspiration: A Force Beyond Atrocity

Amidst the atrocities of the collective, inspiration emerges as a force more powerful. INSPIRATION! The lungs unburdened by grief begin to recieve inspirtation, inhalation and breathe more efficiently. Which leads to a more peaceful dance through life. Creativity is returned, inutition is effortless and we begin to trust ourselves again.

The journey through grief is not just a personal triumph but a collective victory.

Grief, with its emotional voltage, is a force that can be harnessed for profound transformation. In the dance between release and embrace, we find the hero within, celebrating the completeness of our journey. Through rituals, plant medicine, and self-reflection, grief becomes not just a process of letting go but a journey toward becoming new, embracing the ever-expanding tapestry of love.

Where has grief led you? What is your memory of grief?

If you enjoy my work and feel called to help contribute to its continuation please consider buying me a pizza ! Link below ;)

Thank you for the support!!

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