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Activating the Christ within

Updated: Jul 16, 2023

In our body lays a sacred process that has been until recently kept mostly a secret from the masses. This process has been described in many different ways in scriptures and spiritual teachings all over the world for centuries.

The process I'm referring to is the raising of a sacred secretion or oil that originates in the part of the brain called the Claustrum. See image

This oil is also know as christ oil - originating from the Greek work Christos which means oil

You will soon realize that the bible and many other scriptures are not manuals about a saviour coming to rescue you you. Rather it is an instructional manual which leads you to your own salvation and physical regeneration.

Once per month when the moon enters into the Sun sign in which you were born this sacred oil falls from the Claustrum. From the Claustrum it is then split or differentiated by the Pineal and Pituitary glands (also in the brain)

See below for further proof of the power of these glands and how our religious leaders know of their power. Pictures below are of the Vatican in Rome, carvings in Egypt and a statue of the Buddha.

Pine cones represent the Pineal gland.

It's also worth noting that the pineal gland creates electrical energy and the Pituitary creates a magnetic energy.

Once the oil is differentiated by the pineal and pituitary glands they send them down two large nerves called the Ida and Pingala.

From there they fall down to the Sacral Chakra or "Bethlehem" as it's called in the bible where the oil goes to become germinated. *See yellow flower below

tThese two nerves merge in the Solar Plexus. There the oil receives the Holy Breathe or Spirit (breathing deeply and intentionally creates oxygen for this holy trinity to occur) Once this occurs the christ seed is born. The pineal brings the male energy, the pituitary brings female energy and the breathe brings in spirit.

Once the spirit is born in the "Manger of Bethlehem" it falls down towards the Sacrum which is a located at the base of the spine. Below it are 5 fused bones called the Coccyx.

In many traditions this is called the Sacral Plexus or "Sacred Place". The bible would call this Sodom and Gomora (Sacrum and Coccyx) This area is known to be responsible for our regenerative organs and just like the name suggests is responsible for giving birth to the oil that was previously seeded in the Solar Plexus.

The birth that takes place here is the rising of the Christ oil, also known as ascension. You hear a lot of new agers use the term "raise your frequency" and that is the most crucial part of this process. This is the part of the process that you most heavily participate in consciously. Raising your vibration or frequency means raising the frequency of this oil. The oil once it sits in the Sacral area has a very low vibration and sit there until it is either unused/destroyed or raised by way of consciousness.

For this oil to be raised it must rise through 7 chakras or the 7 seals of revelation in the bible. You can refer to the 7 deadly sins or to the Vedic traditions which talk about opening of the chakras.

To open them you must first free yourselves of the inherent reasons for which they become blocked. To truly understand them this would require a whole website to its own. There are many resources online and I will discuss them at length in future writings!

My understanding from scripture is the body needs to be in an alkaline state to raise the oil and is destroyed by unbalanced living. Alkaline on the PH scale is the opposite of acidic.

Alkaline also means Al-Kali or father god, meaning "of heaven"

To attain this state of alkalinity the body needs plenty of oxygen, clean organic food - mainly consisting of fruits and vegetables. (Meat is acidic)

Using toxic substances such as drugs and alcohol will destroy the oil.

Deep breathing from the solar Plexus area will also make your blood alkaline! Research Wim Hoff!

You may also notice that seekers of spiritual life like monks often take vows of abstinence which is a practice that isn't fully correct but comes from the idea that orgasms of the lower body (lower chakras) deplete your energy and also destroy this oil. (True....but)

Eastern traditions of which have not lost many of these teachings show the true way to keep this oil in tact by way of Tantric Sex.

Tantra teaches us not to orgasm with the lower body but to use the energy to regenerate it back up into our mind where the orgasm is created there. (Many resources for this online)

The word heaven means "heaved up" another secret showing that all along we were being taught that this oil is to be returned upwards to heaven otherwise known as the head.

Ancients knew of this and there is tell of Egyptians who lived for hundreds of years after having achieved this state of enlightenment (we'll get to the light part in a second)

They even built the pyramids not as tombs but as ascension chambers. The internal layouts create an intensified light energy at the head and remove all stimuli from the user so that they may meditate and purify their body and soul in preparations for ascension.

Once you purify or distill (as its called in alchemy) this oil and raise it up the 33 vertebrae of the spine it then crosses again at the Vagus nerve where it is crucified. To crucify means to multiply 1000 fold. The oil is magnified 1000 fold and enters the Cerebellum "Golgotha"

From here is goes to the Optic Thalamus, an egg shaped organ in the brain where it lays "dead" for 3 days (just like in the bible where christ is crucified and dies for 3 days)

The oil is then resurrected and sent into the Pineal gland which begins a process that creates a light. It illuminates the Optic Thalamus and Pineal gland (third eye) which starts a process of creating new blood and activating dormant brain cells. (Ever notice the bright halos around the heads of enlightened figures?)

This is what it means to become enlightened. It is not a process outside of you but inside.

You are given this opportunity every month. The ancients believe that once the oil is fully destroyed from your body, your life ceases to go on physically. Yet if you care for the oil, life can be everlasting and physical regeneration can occur (the fountain of youth).

When Jacob climbed his ladder he entered into the land called Pineal... The Pineal Gland

Also known in the bible as the land of Milk and Honey. Referred to as such because the fluid from pineal is yellow and white from the pituitary glands. It's the land of milk and honey.

The head is also known as the crown chakra or the holy grail because of these mystical powers that are held within it.

At 33 years old Jesus was crucified... after the 33rd vertebrae your oil is crucified and begins to resurrect your body, mind and spirit.

The ancients refer to any act against this oil as "eating from the tree of life". The reason for this is that the Vagus nerve or pneumogastric nerve are connected to the Pineal and Pituitary glands and are connected to your lungs and stomach. They look like tree. Mystic traditions have always called this the tree of life.

To eat from it suggest moving into materialistic living and destroying the christ within.

The is why eve was punished by god when she ate the fruit given to her by a serpent

(the gift given by the kundalini represented by a snake pattern)

Ever wonder why Apple Inc. uses it for their logo? ;)

The kingdom of heaven is within. The powers that be do not share this with you because they know how powerful you are. Awakened people are free people.

-Nic Mota

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