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Claiming the power of Libra Season - Axis of Relationship

Libra season marks the time in our year where the sun and the moon share an equal amount of time in the sky. The beginning of Libra begins on the day of the Fall Equinox (Sept 21) which opposes its Spring Equinox counterpart in Aries. These two signs of the zodiac are on what is called the axis of relationships on the zodiac wheel which means they are responsible for showing us the archetypes of how we relate to our reality and in our interpersonal relationships.

To understand Libra fully we must also interact with and understand her divine counterpart Aries. These signs are polar opposites on the zodiac wheel and play out as mirrors in our lives in similar ways.

Aries rules beginnings of new cycles, the initiatory fire at the beginning of our zodiac year. He rules the cerebrum or the higher mind where a thought becomes reality by way of assuming you are already what you want to create and you create what you are. The saying of Aries is “I AM”. Aries rules the self, me, I, Independence, Competition, Conquest, Aggression and War. If you see Aries as the point in which a sound or sine wave begins and initiates the moment where the frequency of something begins you can feel into what the first house means. The first house of Aries rules our ego/ identity and this is the sine we look at in our charts to determine what our rising sine is and that House determines how all other houses in our chart are laid out and is one of the most important placements we look at when reading the energy of an astrological chart. The spring equinox is when the Sun springs up high into the heavens and begins its journey through the ecliptic. Cardinal Fire is the elemental energy of this sine. Aries is the Emperor in the Major Arcana in the traditional Tarot and Mars the god or war is its planetary ruler.

Libra sits on the opposing axis of Aries and mirrors her counterpart in order to balance and harmonize the intense energies of Aries and ensure the energy is not completely self centred and is fair for ourselves and the collective.

Libra Rules the Kidneys which sit in the center of the body just like Libra sits in the center of the ecliptic (As above so Below).

The job of the kidneys is to remove excess fluids, balance minerals and chemicals, remove waste products, control blood pressure and control the production of red blood cells. Just like it’s physical expression Libra is the archetypal balancing force. The Judgement card in tradition tarot shows Archangel Gabriel blowing the horn of awakening from above to bring the word and warning that awakening is coming. The lesson here is that if we have done our work on balancing our energy, being fair, living in harmony with ourselves and our environment, meditating and keeping centered we will reap the benefits and rewards of this harmonious season. In the old days Libra was the ruler of Wine and is the season of Libations and celebrations. She is preceded by Leo (Oil) and Virgo (Hard work and harvesting - Bread). If we have not been balanced and fair this season is about judgement and will likely manifest as a season of harsh lessons. In the old days if we didn’t press the oil and harvest the food in our fields during Leo and Virgo seasons we would go hungry in the winter. If we did the labour and balanced our fields in the summertime we would now be reaping the benefits of our harvest and have an easy winter where we drink wine and relax.

The saying of Libra is “ I balance” and as the opposite of Aries it is concerned with others instead of the self. Libra is a sine of interdependence, fairness, cooperation, collaboration, compromise, diplomacy and peace. The planet Venus rules this sine and is ruled by the element of cardinal air. Since Air elements rule the mind and thought this makes cardinal thoughts and initiation of ideas in a balanced manner integral to the health of our kidneys. In order to detox and be clear in body we must also be clear and balanced in our minds.

Not only do the kidneys play an integral role in our bodies physical balance but also in our spiritual balance. In yogic teachings the kidneys hold the judges gavel when it comes to allowing the flow of our Kundalini energy to flow up our spine and awaken our highest potential. In essence it prevents people who are living out of alignment from accessing this great power and until we learn to master balance it actually prevents us from harming yourself or others by withholding this power until we are ready.During this season take some time to detox, cleanse your mind, balance and harmonize the trinity of your being (mind, body and spirit).

The sun begins her fall or decent into the harsh winter months ruled by Saturn or Set in Egyptian mythology. Saturn is one who sets you free when you have done the work and enslaves those who remain stuck in their toxic cycles.

If you the planet have Saturn in Libra this means that your biggest challenges in your life will be around fairness with yourself and believing in your own abilities rather that compromising oneself for others. During your Saturn returns these lessons will be exceptionally loud and painful unless you have done the work to overcome this challenge in which case you we supremely rewarded by Saturn during these times.

The theme of Karma is also played out in the season of Libra. Often the old mystics will say if you only meditate one day a year let it by the Spring Equinox because that’s the time during our yearly cycle where energy is being initiated to set the tone or frequency for our entire year ahead. During Libra season you will start to see the manifestations of the energy you were feeling and creating during the Spring Equinox.

This is the season to make amends and peace with your past and find healing in order to reap the rewards of living in balance and alignment with your purpose. The saying “the truth shall set you free” comes to mind when thinking of the energy of Libra. Take time this Libra season recalibrate, collaborate,balance, liberate and free yourself by ensuring you are living your highest truth in order to reap the benefits of the cycles of karma.


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